The present invention consists of a complex mixing chamber that allows a uniform mixing of a disinfectant agent and hot pressurized steam that ejects sprayed  through the diffusor nozzle.

By means of the atomizer effects, the disinfectant is transformed in a fine mist spray that remains disperse in a calming zone of the chamber. Simultaneously in the said calming zone, a flow of hot steam is injected and goes through the mixing chamber to the outwards section, constituted by an exit collector, that allows to obtain a perfect two-phase mixture of vapor + disinfectant, which is distributed finally, through the applicator nozzle.

The geometrical shape of the mixing chamber and the positions of the inlet and outlet holes, were made in order to obtain minimal turbulence in its interior, ensuring, thus, an optimal outflow of disinfectant mixture.

Thanks to this technical innovation, which is based on the principle of the condensation, the two-phase mixture formed by steam saturated with disinfectant particles is sprayed and applied on surfaces of any shape and material, where by means of condensation, it is stuck on the treated surface  as a decontaminant continuous and homogeneous film that allows to reach a qualitative standard of high-level disinfection in an innovative and efficient manner.