As we can see, the association of disinfectant + steam allowed us to achieve our goals. That is:



1) to sanitize easly the whole environment, walls and ceiling, including even the most difficult areas to reach


2) ensensuring the effectiveness of the treatment, the disinfectant, being applied hot, penetrates deep on all types of surface, on furniture and equipment of any shape and material, even in those rough and irregular, ensuring a uniform and homogeneous disinfection


3) ensuring a long testing bacteriostatic effec , the applied microbicide "film" is continuous, homogeneous and does not require any drying operations with a consequent removal of the disinfecting product

4) avoid the risk of cross contamination,from a surface / environment to another. The application of the disinfectant by means of a diffuser allows to avoid the direct contact, and therefore, the risk of transporting bacteria between operator and any part of the treated area and is eliminated

5) gettin an easy, fast and cheap disinfection, the disinfection activity becomes simple, fast and comfort, 10-20 sq. m per minute - 500/1000 square meters in one hour *, with the possibility of immediate re-use of the working area and equipment, a reduction of disinfectant consumption and operating costs, and with a greater certainty of the best results. * the extension in square meters varies depending on the type of the surfaces, their geometrical complexity, and the degree of decontamination that is necessary to reach


6) streamline operatinal activities, the operator has the ability to carry out the disinfection activities without having to move the furniture, use stairs etc., By performing a simple task, fast and functional


7) use a technlological system that, thanks to its automatic mixing system, eliminates unnecessary waste of disinfectant avoiding overdose of the product and many other manual errors